Training for the safe transport of dangerous goods

The transportation of both people and goods, is an extremely vast activity that has expanded a lot abroad and has therefore generated a consequent international set of regulations.

As for the specific field of dangerous goods transportation, the main international regulative reference is represented by the “UN Recommendations on the transport of Dangerous Goods”, that is the UN Recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods (also known as “Orange Book”), published for the first time by the UN in 1957 and periodically updated.

These  “recommendations” are the reference for all specific regulations for the different ways of transport, meaning by sea, by air, by road, railway or waterways with competent application regulations at an international, community and national level: A.D.R., Accord européen relatif au transport international des merchandises Dangereuses par Route, I.M.D.G., International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, I.A.T.A. D.G.R., International Air Transport Association Dangerous Goods Regulations, A.D.N., Accord Dangereuses par voies de Navigation Intérieures, R.I.D., Reglèment transport International ferrroviaire des merchandises Dangereuses, P.N.S. E.N.A.C. (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) National Aviation Security Plan and all relative circular letters.

The most common factor between all regulated sectors is the growing attention toward the safety of all operators involved, as well as the means of transport, the goods and surrounding environment.

Whatever the means of transport is, there are fixed parameters regarding the professionals and relative compulsory training, the normal and emergency management operations for every type of classified goods, from the preparation – packing and consequent transportation – to the behavior in case of emergency.

The civil and criminal liability for the non-observance of the law in force are stricter and is proportionate to the possible problems that might arise when dealing with dangerous goods.

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