Check-in operations - theory and/or practice – and boarding operations

Preparatory course dealing with the job that represents an introduction to the Italian and International airport, which is the passenger and baggage registration operator.  The Check-in and boarding operators is probably the most important professional figure in the client-airport approach because it represents the first and potentially only “direct contact” that the passenger has during the pre-flight operations. Therefore investing on human characteristics like assertiveness and courtesy is fundamental, as well as the technical knowledge of the procedures and the high-quality front-line approach.

Airline staff, airport employees and check-in and boarding airport handling operators.

Objectives of the course

To know the European regulations regarding passengers acceptance and assistance. To obtain the competences needed to properly manage the procedures of passengers acceptance, assistance, boarding and baggage handling and to know the related safety rules.   To obtain the competences needed for the shipment of carry-on baggage and/or as goods.

Contents of the course 

  • Acceptance of flight ticket (check on reservations – routing)
  • Endorsements
  • Acceptance of passengers and baggage
  • Travel Information Manual (TIM) – TIMATIC
  • PAX traffic at “INAD” risk
  • “Deportee” passengers (DEPA/DEPU)
  • Special assistance services
  • Baggage handling, excess baggage, “weight concept” and “piece concept”
  • Special baggage, bulky and/or valuable baggage
  • Boarding operations

Duration and modality

Basic and refresher course based on a program arranged with the student


– In classroom upon request
– On client premises
– On client premises


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