Training for Airport Passenger Terminal Operators

Operations at airports are basically organized in three main areas, called airside, terminal and landside, respectively referred to the runways and flight area, to the terminal building and the other areas accessible to the public.
The area “terminal” could also be divided into the terminal freight and mail (cargo) and the passenger terminal and inside the passenger one are specifically located the departures, arrivals, security checks and boarding areas.
From the organizational point of view, most of the single personnel tasks is located in each of the zones, but of course, there is a single stream that connects all the facilities for passengers, baggage, cargo, vehicles, and aircraft crews.
The training of all airport operators is strongly characterized by specificity and in the TERMINALAREA there are important proposals of courses for the air ticket, for the check-in registration of passengers and for  the baggage lost&found office, as well as the module about assertive attitude.

Our training modules are mainly offered to the management and handling airport companies,
to air carriers and recruiters looking for specialized solutions
to skill new workers and for updating applicants!