Ramp Agent


Responsible of carrier and airport; carrier and handling companies staff in charge of ramp and airport operations in general

Objectives of the course

To know the skills of the ramp agent to ensure proper assistance alongside; mature wide visibility into operational flows on the aircraft apron and develop supervisory responsibilities of the aspects of safety and security of the movement of people and vehicles.

Contents of the course

  • Role of the ramp agent
  • Types of aircraft and respective configurations “narrow bodies” and “wide-bodies”
  • Notions of aerodynamics and aircraft balance
  • Loading passengers and assistance
  • Loading luggage, freight, mail
  • Load plans and anchoring operations
  • Operating flows on the apron (cleaning and catering, cargo arrival, transit, departure / unloading, etc.)
  • Security in terms of safety of the ramp area and moving vehicles, according to the regulations in force and local regulations
  • Security of the operating areas for people and vehicles
  • Messaging – “AIRIMP” codes
  • Delays codification
  • Document issue for flights finalization

Modality and duration

BASIC 5 days minimum
UPDATE 2-3 days according to the competence level and needs of the recipients.


– Classrooms on demand
– On client premises


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