This course is divided into “Basic training” and ” Recurrent training” and is compulsory to obtain and/or renew the certification in compliance with the AEA (Association of European Airlines) and DAQCP (De Anti-Icing Quality Control Pool) IATA standards.According to the needs, the DI-L30 and the DI-L40 forms can be provided.


According to the AEA, EASA and IATA/ICAO regulations, the staff responsible for the aircraft operations, airport operators offering de/anti-icing services, maintenance companies (post de/anti-icing check)

Objectives of the course

To enable the participant to apply the legal regulations described in the de/anti icing manual of the company and of the operator; to issue/check the documentation provided by their functions; to prepare, carry out, control and deliberate on the efficiency of an aircraft after the de/anti icing process.

Contents of the course 

  • Reference documentation
  • Weather forecasts
  • Products
  • Refractometer
  • Hygiene and Environment
  • The treatments:
  • Snow-melt
  • De-icing treatment
  • Anti-icing treatment
  • De/anti-icing treatment
  • Protection times
  • Controls
  • Crew briefing
  • Responsibilities
  • Examination

Modality and duration

BASIC: 2 days of theoretical class
BASIC: 3 days *with practical test* on client premises with technical equipment
UPDATE: 2 days


– In classroom upon request
– On client premises


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