Training for Airport Apron - Ramp Operators

Operations at airports are basically organized in three main areas, called airside, terminal and landside, respectively referred to the runways and flight area, to the terminal building and the other areas accessible to the public.

Main part of the air-side are the runways, aircraft parkings and taxiways all connected within the ramp and to the control tower. Moreover there are any aircraft hangars, shelter areas of airport vehicles and the firemen building.

For this area, our offer is based on theoretical and practical training courses, basic and refresher modules, where know-how learning is transferred by application to concrete operational steps.

We can fully satisfy your technical needs referred to the various stages of preparation of the personnel employed in the various facilities of airports and airlines.

In order to train your professionals of the ramp and cargo, please ask for our assistance for the provision of training sessions which are based on the Italian national and international Regulation standards and in the meanwhile referred to your own reality and then customized according to your business philosophy.

Our training modules are mainly offered to the management and handling airport companies, to air carriers and recruiters looking for specialized solutions to skill new workers and for updating applicants!



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