DGR IATA - Air transport of dangerous goods

Offered into “basic”, “refresher” or “awareness” formula,
it is compulsory to obtain and/or renew the IATA DANGEROUS GOODS certification.


According to the IATA/ICAO regulations: the consignor and packer; shipper staff responsible for acceptance, goods handling and storage; aircraft staff, crews (captain, pilots and flight assistants) and ground staff; handling agent personnel responsible for the reception of dangerous goods, goods and baggage storage and loading operator, passenger reception and boarding operator, loading plan operator and operator responsible for safety issues in freight yards and passengers stations.


Objectives of the course

Enable the participant to:

– apply the relative regulations listed in the IATA manual “DANGEROUS GOODS REGULATIONS”
– issue/check the documentation provided by their positions
– prepare, check, accept the shipment of “dangerous goods”, baggage etc. in compliance with the ICAO/IATA regulations and considering the possible government and/or carriers exceptions

Contents of the course

* Based on the type of course depending on the category as per chart 1.5.A of DGR IATA*

  •  The air transportation of dangerous goods
  •  Classification of dangerous substances and items
  •  Restrictions and prohibitions
  •  Identification of dangerous goods
  • Specific documentation for the transportation of dangerous goods
  • Packing regulations
  • Details in the application of regulations regarding dangerous goods
  • Emergency procedures
  • IATA DGR examination (according to category)

Modalities and duration

BASIC: 3 days


– Classrooms availability to schedule or based on higher demand
– On client premises


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