Regulatory sources and operational reference for the sector

By Air: ICAO T.I. International Civil Aviation Organization – The TechnicalInstructions for the safe trasport of Dangerous Goods by Air

By Air:  Italian Civil Aviation Authority – ENAC – Ente Nazionale AviazioneCivile – Regolamento sul Trasporto aereo delle merci pericolose

By Air: IATA DGR  – International Air Transport Association – DangerousGoods Regulations

By Road: ADR Accord Dangereuses par Route

Via Rail: RID Règlement concernant le trasport International ferroviaire des marchandises Dangereuses

By Sea: IMDG = International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

By inland waterways : ADN –  Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par voies de Navigation intérieures

Aviation Security for operators, passengers, bags, mail and cargo – EC300/2008 Regulation and EU185/2010 Regulations, Italian State Safety Program – PNS Programma Nazionale di Sicurezza e ENAC Circulars

Italian Domestic Emanations, all Italian Ministerial Cabinet Issue and / or delegated rulers involved in the organization and regulation of all types of transport.