ISAGO* registration: experts service for the airport handler preparation

Registry The preparation to the ISAGO registration is compulsory in order to be included in the ISAGO Registry
The ISAGO registration allows the airport operators (handlers) to be officially recognized by the Airlines as service suppliers and to avoid the verification audits. The registration takes place once an audit has been carried out by a IATAAccredit Organization.


All airport handling companies which offer support services to the airlines. The ISAGO registration represents a certification that shows the high level of efficiency and preparation of the service supplier and drives the airline company to choose ISAGO certified centers because, beside the high quality granted, the annual/biannual audits that the companies themselves perform will be no longer necessary, which brings a consequent money saving.

Objective of the verification

To check that the airport service supplier interested has all the normative and operational requirements needed for the ISAGO registration in the following operational areas:

  • Organization and Management (ORM H/ORM HS/ORM S)
  • Load Control (LOD)
  • Passenger Handling (PAX)
  • Baggage Handling (BAG)
  • Aircraft Handling and Loading (HDL)
  • Aircraft Ground Movement(AGM)
  • Cargo and Mail Handling (CGM)

Sequence of the verification process

  • Audit according to the ISAGO standards
  • Definition, modification and update of the manuals, the procedures and the training processes involved in compliance with the ISAGO standards
  • Follow-up audit regarding the verification of the non-conformities discovered during the initial audit

Modalities and duration

Audit according to the ISAGO standards: 2-day intervention of two experts
Modification and update of the documentation and preparation of the training processes:  according to the audit result
Follow-up: 1-day intervention of one expert

***The verifications are performed by certified ISAGO auditors

*** The manuals updates are carried out by highly experienced staff which operated in the aeronautical field in the major Italian and European airlines.

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