DGR Consulting Service - for the transport of dangerous goods by air - ENAC ICAO IATA

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With regard to the transport of dangerous goods by air and by sea*, in Italy, by now, there is no legal requirement relating to the obligations to appoint a DGSA – Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, that is the consultant for dangerous goods.

However, Professionals’ Solutions is qualified to offer this service for AIR FREIGHT with experienced professionals of civil aviation and airport management.

Our experts are qualified by IATA – International Air Transport Association – for the DGR – Dangerous Goods Regulations – that completely implements the regulations of the ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization – Technical Instructions.

We can also act both in the preparatory steps and in the review of your training programs that should be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Instructions as per the new ENAC Regulation for transport of dangerous goods by air **


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