ADR Consulting Service - for the transport of dangerous goods by road

Professionals’ Solutions offers ADR Consulting Service as requested by the law in force (art. 11 – Legislative Decree 35/2010) and includes the relative responsibilities that are taken by their certified staff who has experience in the daily issues of this sector in Italy.

The appointment of the consultant is compulsory for all the companies that load/upload/store and carry dangerous goods by road, railway or internal navigable waters (therefore not only carriers, but also packers, tank fillers, consignors, etc.).

Only the final recipient of the goods, who will actually use the substances of the production cycle, is exempted from this obligation, as per indication of the existing law.

The service includes:

  • Preliminary survey (at the company)
  • Accepting the task of Safety Transportation Consultant
  • Carrying out the Consultant’s tasks
    (observance of the laws in force regarding dangerous goods, implementation and respect of the procedures, training of the handling operators, check list of the equipment and safety tools used within the company, Annual Report, Accident Report according to chapter 1.8.5, Adr 2011)
  • Normative update
  • Telephone assistance (by phone or e-mail)
  • Supervisory visits (audits) with written report for the client
  • Implementation of the Safety Plan (chapter, ADR 2011) if the company falls within the cases provided by the law mentioned.

Note: the consultant accepts the task after the result of the preliminary audit and consequent evaluation of the expert of the commitment requested.

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