Our activity

Our activity is held by specialists from the world of transports: skills gained, for air transport, in decades in major airlines and airport handling companies and for the other modes, by road and sea, in activities of daily presence and ongoing advice either in forwarders and manufacturers operations  of all materials considered hazardous by current law.

Our instructors are certified according to national and / or international laws and courses and services provided by the owners of these certificates are regularly and officially recognized:

  • for the logistics of dangerous goods by all modes of transport
  • for the aviation security and safety of operators, passengers, baggage, mail and cargo regulated agents
  • for all the operations for air transport in the reality of the aircraft operators, airport handlings and related services (maintenance, security, catering, etc…)

We offer training and consultancy resulting in three main areas:

Certification for the safe transport of dangerous goods according to the current regulations.

  • by air ENAC ICAO IATA – DGR – Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • by road ADR – Accord Dangereuses par Route, with DGSA – consultancy service – Safety Advisor Dangerous Goods Transport ADR /RID
  • by sea IMDG – International Maritime Dangerous Goods
  • via rail RID – Règlement concernant le transport International ferroviaire des merchandises Dangereuses
  • by waterway ADN – European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by inland waterways and for security checks of air cargo
  • Aviation Security in accordance with the Italian National Plan for Civil Aviation Security (formerly Sheet 3) and European regulations for the activity of Regulated Agent Cargo and Mail with National Manager, Contact Premises (or delegate), Personnel Administration and Warehouse worker employee in acceptance and manual control of goods and drivers responsible for transport
  • Security for employee in acceptance and checks of air cargo with x-ray machines and for Technical Director of the security services in accordance with art. 2 and 3, Italian DM85/99 – who are authorized to operate in airport cargo or at forwarders’ hub.

The professional activities of air transport operators

  • DGR – dangerous goods by air – according to ICAO IATA ENAC Regulations  for all classes and categories of danger (even for NO CARRY- operators in terms of AWARENESS)
  • Aviation Security ENAC – ITALIAN CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY in terms of AVIATION SECURITY by EU Regulations, ICAO, EASA Regulations and CAA Circulars in terms of SAFETY e SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, of passengers, operators, baggage, mail and cargo, as well as aircraft and airport zones

Specific training for Regulated Agents Goods, for operators of carriers and agents airport, for security and oversight services, for applications for airport card to access restricted areas, for activities of reconciled baggage, for aircraft cleaning and catering operators and for all tasks for which require mandatory training.

  • Security Guards in charge of the airport security Technical Director for the security services, in accordance with art. 2 and 3, Italian D.M. 85/99
  • Ground operation safety control and F.O.D. Foreign Object Debris and Damage
  •  Operational Safety Ramp APRON Safety Net – procedures in case of refueling operations.
  • SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to current national and international legislation
  • Weight & Balance operator
  • Ramp Agent
  • APRON workers and Team Leader
  • APRON operations (boarding bridges positioning, opening doors management, holds management, anchorgoods nodes, loading / unloading and handling means, towing and push-back and aircraft internal cleaning)
  • De / Anti-icing procedures
  • Marshalling and communications headset procedures
  • Check-in and boarding Agent
  • Lost & found Agent
  • Air ticket Agent
  • Rights of persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility (PRM) in Air Transport as legislationEC Regulation 1107/2006 and in accordance with Circular ENAC GEN 02
  • EC Regulation 261/2004 on compensation and assistance to passengers in case of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay
  • Qualification process, with analysis and pre-audits, for   IOSA registry – IATA Operational Safety Audit  for airlines and ISAGO registry – IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations for the airport handlers.

Within NOTECHS (Non-Technical Skills):

Human Factors and CRM Assestment – Crew Resource Management – for all aviation personnel

Flight Technical Crew and Cabin Crew, Flight Controllers, Maintenance Employees, Security Personnel – courses that are, among other things, one of the basic requirements for the licensing of air crew (ICAO Annex 1 “Licenses personal ” and Annex 6 “Operation of aircraft”)

In addition, in partnership with Accredited Partner, according to the more specific regulations:

  • Safety in the Workplace Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 with certified professionals and mandatory recognition of National Bilateral “Ente Paritetico” (according to the State-Regions agreement of December 21, 2011)
  • Human Factor Part 21 e Part 145
  • Maintenance Resource Management
  • EASA Part 145 Regulation
  • EASA Part 21 Regulation
  • EASA Part M Regulation                
  • FAR 145 Regulation
  • OPS1 and JAR-FCL1 Regulations
  • OPS3 and JAR-FCL2 Regulations
  • Fuel Tank Safety (FTS)  with extensions to the field of Aviation Maintenance

From our experience, we offer a course calendar based on “classroom” solutions in several Italian cities, always up to date on our site http://www.aaaps.it/corsi/calendario-corsi/  as well as sessions “at customers” upon requests.

 We are always available and skilled to analyze and suggest the most appropriate and effective solutions for the specific needs of the training programs of each company, as well as to evaluate measures for ad hoc advices if need.