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Fresh from the work experience in a company that has been dealing with a similar type of business since 1994, we founded a service company of compulsory training courses for the dangerous goods transportation by air, road, railway and sea and for the air safety of operators, passengers, mail and goods.    

We also are IATA Accredited Training School for DGR certifications

We offer specific courses for the air freight, airports and related services. According to the standards of the main International associations that regulate the sector, we train professional people involved in most operations regarding the passengers area and the ramp area also in international airports.

The world regulatory framework is increasingly more focused on safety issues and the latest European regulations have marked a step toward further restrictions and obligations, with high sanctions in case of non-observance.

The imposition of numerous national and international regulations force both the operators in the civil aviation field and those involved in the production, packing and transportation of materials considered dangerous to attend basic and refresher courses more or less every 2 years.

The courses offer is based on a broad experience and provides a calendar of scheduled sessions “in school” in most regional capitals, and sessions on client premises upon request.
Our experts are available to analyze the best solutions according to specific needs for training programs in every business reality, as well as to evaluate ad hoc consulting services.

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